All Natural Pine Oil Products
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Founded 1906

"Miracle Oil"
"Liquid Gold"
"Cures all but a broken heart!"
Some of the many uses include:
Muscle Pain
Back Pain
Stiff, Swolen Joints
Cuts & Scrapes
Minor Burns
Mosquito Treatment
Insect Bites
Athlete's Foot

Veterinarian Uses:
Mosquito, Flea & Tick Treatment

FDA Approved
All Natural
First Aid in a bottle!

A cost effective way to heal everyday aches and pains!

Great for personal or veterinarian use.

We've been offering All-Natural products for more than 103 years
and growing!!
Antiseptic: Kills Germs
Styptic: Stops Bleeding
Anodyne: Stops Pain
It's all in the name!
An all natural alternative to harmful chemicals and medications, ASTYPTODYNE is a distillate, scientifically produced by a patented process from the resinous wood of the Long Leaf Pine. A southland tradition since 1906.
I believe your products are going to be a godsend! I've been dealing with an unusual type of dermititis since March. In one application, it's shown more improvement than with anything else I've tried. Thank you so much!
P. Lindsay, Wilmington, NC
I am 77 years old and have had two back fusions. The last, a triple fusion, has become arthritic and so painful that I need to take Darvoset four times every day to function. My husband has rubbed Astyptodyne on my back three times a day for about two weeks and I have been without pain throughout the day and only take Darvocet just to get up in the morning. Thanks for a super product!
SW, Orlando, FL
You will be AMAZED at the Results!!
As a child growing up, we used Astyptodne for just about everything. We even used it on our animals. Whenever the mules developed harness gall, my dad used Astyptodyne to help the healing and to kill germs. We used it on our pets for scratches, bug bites, etc. But most of all he used it on us kids for bruises, cuts, and bug bites. Everyone in our neighborhood used it too. We always kept several bottles around the house. I still use it today.
J. Leonard, Ogden, NC
DOCTORS, HOSPITALS & VETERINARIANS like the fact that Astyptodyne is made from pine oil. Visit the rest of our website to find out why!
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Cures all but a Broken Heart